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    Watches — 1 February 2017

    Bamford Watch Department:

    An action-packed new film gets into deep water with the brand's heritage-inspired diving watch

    The Bamford Watch Department certainly win in the originality stakes, offering to transform your vintage timepiece into any design your heart desires. But how would its customised dive watches hold up when worn in an extreme environment underwater?

    This is the question founder George Bamford set out to answer when he teamed up with film producers Halcyon to create a new film, The Superman, in which free diver Francisco Del Rosario puts one of its most sought-after models to the test. It traces Rosario’s insatiable appetite for the dangerous sport, exploring how its adherents display superhero-like qualities by heading into the waters without the use of breathing apparatus. Here, he is accompanied by the Bamford Heritage MilSub – a variation on Rolex’s archetypal diving watch, the Submariner.

    The Superman is a short film about Francisco Del Rosario who tells us his unique story about his world beneath the waves. He conveys notions of freedom and following your own journey and passion,” says Bamford. “Francisco’s energy and approach to life struck a cord with me. I believe in not following the herd and living your passions. It was this same passion that started Bamford Watch Department.”