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    Five ways to wear

    Style — 1 June 2017

    Five ways to wear:
    A white shirt

    Brummell's Five Ways To Wear showcases classic wardrobe pieces and demonstrates how to style them for different effects. This issue Turnbull & Asser styles a white shirt

    Turnbull & Asser, established in St James’s in 1885, is well-known as a shirtmaker, and counts the likes of Churchill and Picasso among its customers. In 1974’s The Great Gatsby, starring Robert Redford, the famous ‘shirt’ scene features the firm’s styles, and Sean Connery wears one of theirs in Dr. No – a model the company still makes.

    Turnbull & Asser is also known for its colours and if you use its bespoke shirtmaking service you can choose from some 2,000 fabrics. But in our book the most useful purchase is a plain white model. Made from 34 pieces of fine cloth with iridescent mother-of-pearl buttons, the white shirts come in a number of different textures.

    The neutral colour means they function perfectly as blank canvasses. We’ve gone for a blue theme, but frankly, anything works. There are also a variety of collars and cuffs, which to paraphrase 007 in Diamonds are Forever, always match.

    5 ways to wear: white shirt

    Cotton shirt, £255; silk tie, £125

    5 ways to wear: white shirt

    Mac, £795; shirt, £195; silk tie, £125

    5 ways x T&A 03

    Jacket (part of suit), £1,950; shirt, £195; silk tie, £125

    5 ways to wear: white shirt

    Coat, £795; shirt, £185; silk tie, £125

    5 ways to wear: white shirt

    Blazer, £945; shirt, £185; silk tie, £125


    Five ways to wear

    Photography:  Roger Rich

    Fashion director: Jo Levin

    Photo assistant: Matt Foxley

    Fashion assistant: Marina Hambro

    Location: Modus PR

    Model: Ben Smith