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    Five ways to wear

    Five ways to wear

    Style — 17 March 2017

    Five ways to wear:
    The Private Bag and suede bomber

    Brummell's Five Ways To Wear showcases classic wardrobe pieces and demonstrates how to style them for different effects. This issue: the Private Bag and suede bomber

    How to style the Private Bag

    By Giorgio Armani

    Giorgio Armani has long had a vision for an elegant lifestyle in which he could offer customers not only clothing, but fragrances, furniture and, of course, accessories. The Private Bag is his latest, named to reflect the fact that today we carry around an increasing number of personal, everyday essentials. Combining traditional craftsmanship with functionality, this bag is a practical, timeless piece. Its distinctive feature is its 1cm-thick matte, dark piping; hand-painted, sometimes contrasting with the base colour, to emphasise the simple shape. The use of thick thread for tone-on-tone stitching and the tumbled calfskin leather give a tactile, masculine feel. Lined with cotton twill in the same colour as the piping, the interior has several pockets and compartments. Here, it is modelled by artist Clym Evernden, whose daily tools comprise paper, pens and phone.

    Five ways to wear Armani Picture Bag

    01  Cashmere coat, £3,600; polo shirt, £430; trousers, £390; shoes, £600

    Five ways to wear Armani Picture Bag

    02 Wool suit, £1,950; shirt, £380; tie, £135

    Five ways to wear Armani Picture Bag

    03 Cardigan, £1,100; T-shirt, £210; wool trousers, £340

    Five ways to wear Armani Picture Bag

    04 Blouson jacket, £1,700; shirt, £960; jeans, £490

    Five ways to wear Armani Picture Bag

    05 Dinner suit, £2,715; shirt, £370; bow tie, £125

    Private Bag, £1,200

    Clym Evernden wears Giorgio Armani throughout


    How to wear the suede bomber

    Twenty-five years ago, Richard James opened on Savile Row and quickly became known as the first of the ‘New Establishment’ tailors revitalising the ‘Row’. Since then, while respecting the traditions of great British tailoring, Richard James has boldly championed vibrancy and individuality, producing classic clothing of great quality while pushing the boundaries through design, cut and colour. This has led to a broadening out from creating traditional suiting to more relaxed pieces, of which the new suede bomber is the perfect example. The Richard James design team say the challenge with a casual jacket is to keep the line clean while making it easy to wear. This bomber is made from a soft suede and cut so the pockets are quite high, which helps give it shape and lengthen the body. Worn here by lawyer-turned-model and writer Richard Biedul, it’s a versatile, contemporary choice.

    Five ways to wear x Richard James

    01 Chambray shirt, £125; chinos, £210; knitted tie, £75

    Five ways to wear x Richard James

    02 Linen shirt, £195; Linen trousers, £245

    Five ways to wear x Richard James

    03 Merino jumper, £265; jeans, £245; shoes, £375

    Five ways to wear x Richard James

    04 Chambray shirt, £125; trousers, £210; trainers, £225

    Five ways to wear x Richard James

    05 Polo shirt, £185; chinos, £275

    Suede blouson jacket, £1,095

    Richard Biedul wears Richard James throughout


    Five ways to wear

    Photography: Roger Rich

    Fashion director: Jo Levin

    Grooming: Tyler Johnston at One Represents using TYLER by Tyler Johnston

    Casting: Holly Goodchild at The Communications Store Photo assistant: Matt Foxley

    Fashion assistant: Julia Lurie

    Location: Modus PR