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    Food and drink — 15 March 2015

    La Marzocco:
    Hotshot gadget

    Introduced in Italy in 1970, the pioneering GS series espresso machine by La Marzocco was the first of its kind to use two independent boilers – one for hot water and steam and the other for extracting the coffee

    Forty-five years and many espressos later, the new GS/3 is an impressive piece of equipment that incorporates original GS technology with modern design to allow you to make top-notch espressos in the comfort of your own kitchen. Designed with perfectionists and coffee connoisseurs in mind, the revolutionary dual-boiler system optimises espresso brewing and steam production, with portafilters and precision baskets improving cup quality and consistency, and an economiser fine-tuning the water temperature for tea.

    La Marzocco GS/3 espresso coffee machine, £5,760;