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    Food and drink — 29 March 2015

    Malle W Trousseau:
    Oh, shucks

    Malle W Trousseau has a simple approach to kitchenware: no frills, just genuine, quality cooking utensils that are well designed and made to last

    A vital piece of kit for any oyster lover, La Lancette is a professional-quality knife designed to ease the often-painful process of oyster-shucking. Made in Thiers, a region of France renowned for its cutlery, it is sturdy yet elegant and has a strong blade and rosewood handle. It comes with a natural-leather hand shield that’s suited to both left- and right-handed users. The shield covers the whole hand, providing better coverage than a glove and making it easier to open as many oysters as you can eat.

    La Lancette oyster knife, £43;