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    Ester Segarra

    Arts — 18 December 2014

    Money no object:
    Vessel in Notting Hill

    Hanne Enemark’s experimentation with contradictions has resulted in a vase that plays with our perception of glass

    Words: Joanne Glasbey

    The go-to destination for the best original contemporary glass and ceramic decorative pieces in London has to be store-cum-gallery Vessel in Notting Hill. Its specially curated selection, from Scandinavian functional design
    (by the likes of Hackman, Stelton, Iittala, Orrefors and Arabia) to flamboyant, collectable Italian glass (Venini, Salviati, Arcade) also features the cream of home-grown talent. It’s a depot of extravagant tableware, stemware, sleek cutlery, interesting candleholders and original one-off vases. One such piece is London-based designer Hanne Enemark’s crystalline vase. Fascinated by minerals and metals, she mimics their composition by manipulating the glass, thereby altering the viewer’s perception of it. Contrasting hard and soft, sharp and smooth, and heavy and light, she creates visual tension between the elements.