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    Food and drink — 20 March 2013

    Safe at Flask:
    The Macallan and Oakley

    For those looking for a stylish but suitably rugged way to transport their single malt while climbing a mountain, jumping out of an aeroplane or cycling through the Alps, look no further. With The Flask, your engraved, silver heirloom hip flask can stay safely undented at home while your Dutch courage is still encased in something special.

    The Flask has been designed in a collaboration between The Macallan and Oakley and is unique in its proposition – as high specification as you can imagine anything associated with The Macallan would be, but with a tough, military, machine-like look and appeal.

    As Ken Grier, of Malts, Edrington Group says, ‘Working with people like Colin Baden and Neil Ferrier at Oakley, Inc. has not only been a huge amount of fun, but, together, it has allowed us to defy convention and take a truly design-driven approach in crafting this beautiful, yet high-octane flask.’

    The Macallan would never put its name to any vessel that could negatively affect its flavour and The Flask has been rigorously tested to make sure that any single malt carried within will taste as good as if it were poured from any other bottle. The inner flask is made from laser-welded, food-grade steel, wrapped in carbon-fibre composite then clad in black, aerospace-grade aluminium. The bottom has been rubberised for a non-slip grip, so you shouldn’t spill a single precious drop when on the move or with wet or sandy hands.

    The Flask’s cap is designed to always keep enough distance from the mouthpiece when open to allow for easy drinking and a smooth opening and closing action. The Flask also comes with an aluminium funnel, which threads securely into the mouthpiece, making it easier to pour and more difficult to spill.

    This indestructible hip flask’s originator is Oakley’s head of product development Neil Ferrier, who says of the project, ‘I love the story behind The Flask as it was born in a very fitting environment. When Ken [Grier, of Macallan] visited Oakley’s design bunker, he brought us some great Macallan, so we granted him access! After a few drams, he asked Colin Baden, Oakley’s CEO, about making a convention-defying hip flask, and The Macallan; The Flask was born. The challenges along the way were a ton of fun and the result is a highly engineered piece of hardware that is dedicated to purpose beyond reason.’

    And it’s hardware that you’ll want to transport your dram in wherever you go – knowing that, no matter what happens, your Single Malt is going to be safe, and easy to access.

    The Flask, £600;;