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    Water meter

    Having already circumnavigated the globe by bicycle in a then-world-record 175 days, James Bowthorpe’s latest challenge is similarly ambitious

    Now, he has crafted a boat solely from rubbish scavenged from the streets of New York and he’s sailing it 315 miles down the Hudson River from its source in the wild Adirondack Mountains. Bowthorpe chose Tudor watches as his sole sponsor for the mission, as keeping track of time and synchronising a team is vital – particularly in a gorge, where phones won’t work. ‘Tudor has a history of supporting expeditions and makes products that last,’ he explained. ‘My equipment needs to be resilient, and I’ve found the Tudor North Flag watch to be just that.’ The Hudson River Project concludes in December 2015, and an expedition film by Antony Crook will be released in 2016.