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    Vertu's new Signature Touch mobile phone

    Vertu’s new Signature Touch mobile phone

    Tech — 16 December 2015

    Signature style:

    Vertu’s latest phone is a luxurious combination of heritage design and cutting-edge technology

    With its sleek geometric design and luxurious leather exterior, Vertu’s New Signature Touch phone would be a head-turner even if you didn’t know about its technical credentials. However, hidden behind each handset’s stylish façade lies a veritable feat of engineering: Vertu’s highest technical-performance smartphone ever.

    Handmade by master craftsmen, each phone balances iconic heritage design with state-of-the-art technology. Every element of the New Signature Touch has been thoughtfully designed. Witness, for instance, the method by which one accesses the Sim card: in a seamless combination of functionality and design, gull-wing doors open symmetrically, like a bird in flight, and also allow space for engraving beneath.

    As for its internal technology, the New Signature Touch’s integrated Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround-sound system means its acoustics are unparalleled. Also included are an impressive 21-megapixel camera; Silent Circle, which allows the encryption of calls; Lost Phone, which offers the ability to wipe a phone when lost; and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 wireless charging, which can speed up charging times by up to 75 per cent.

    Channeling Vertu’s ethos as a ‘one-world phone’, the New Signature Touch is designed to offer an optimum service regardless of the region in which an owner might find themselves. Global wi-fi access is supplied by iPass, which provides unlimited access to more than 25 million hotspots worldwide, ensuring one is always connected.

    As ever, Vertu’s commitment to using only the most exceptional of materials endures. Crafted from a single piece of 130ct fifth-generation sapphire crystal, the New Signature Touch’s scratchproof screen is ultra-resilient, displaying the phone’s exceptionally rich colour and luminosity in all its glory. What it protects is Vertu’s most vibrant display ever, which, thanks to LEDs created by phosphor powder, creates a brightness unmatched by any other handset on the market.

    As with all Vertu phones, the New Signature Touch comes with Vertu’s exclusive Concierge Service, providing the lucky owner with his or her very own personal assistant at the touch of a button – the final flourish to the ultimate high-end handset.